EuroMaidan Chronicle in English for Wednesday January 1st 2014 (Day #42)


President Yanukovych's visit to Moscow and agreements that were reached there, the details of which are not being publicized, have given rise to a new wave of protesters' dissatisfaction. Protests in Ukraine have been ongoing since November 21, caused by the government's refusal to sign the association agreement with the EU. The largest action is taking place continuously in the capital. Online text coverage from Euromaidan in Kyiv. Subscribe to LIGABiznesInform on Twitter and Facebook to learn more.


Translated by annie_st, olyaruda, podolsir

January 1, 22:43. A photo of a car with a license plate that reads “ZEKAGETЬ” (Ukrainian slang for “DOWN WITH THE CON!”) was posted on the VKontakte social network page of Vadym Pavlov, publishing editor of “20 minutes”. “The kind of license plates that come up on cars these days :)” – he wrote, without specifying the town where the photo was taken. In the meantime, people who participated in autorally to Mezhyhirya have noted that this car participated in Automaidan, and this is simply a paper decal applied over the actual license plate.

January 1, 20:30. Batkivshchyna published the work schedule of National Resistance Headquarters’ press center for Thursday, January 2. The press center will open at 10:00, following sanitary and preventive cleaning. A briefing by superintendents of the Trade Unions building – People’s Deputies (MPs) Stepan Kubiv (Batkivshchyna), Mykhailo Blavatsky (Svoboda), and Serhii Averchenko (UDAR) – concerning the results of New Year’s festivities at Maidan, will take place at 13:00.

January 1, 20:00. Protest participants at Euromaidan in Kyiv cleaned up Maidan Nezalezhnosti following the New Year’s celebrations. They swept Khreshchatyk and Maidan. Numerous garbage bags are lying on the sidewalks. Approximately 1-2 thousand people were on Maidan during the day, including many tourists who curiously observed the protesters’ everyday life and took photos of everything. About 100 people formed a circle near the stage and danced a Czárdás.

January 1, 19:10. Ukrainian singer Ruslana has been included in the ranking of 2013 Women of the Year by Forbes Woman. “Winner of Eurovision 2004, singer Rulsana, became the main opposition heroine of Maidan this year,” – notes an announcement by Forbes’ Russian-language version. It is reported that, due to her spirited resistance to OMON (editor’s note: apparently, this is how Russian journalists refer to Berkut), volunteer activism, and multi-hour police interrogations, she was honored with the “intellectual courage” order. The rating’s authors also recalled Ruslana’s promise to publicly set herself on fire in a sign of protest. “I will tell you honestly, I will set myself on fire on this Maidan should there be no transformations,” – said the singer to protesters.

January 1, 17:30. Speaking in Ukrainian, former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili wished Happy New Year to the Ukrainians on the air on 112 Ukraine TV channel. “I would like to wish Ukrainians good mood, success, and victory. And hold on!” – he said in Ukrainian. He then added in Russian: “We all miss Ukraine. You live in a terrific country, with very smart and hardworking, very honest and decent people.” Saakashvili expressed his certainty that the future of Ukraine is in Europe. “You will be a European nation. You will be very successful. We will be cheering for you, because your success is our success, for all of the former Soviet peoples,” – stressed the former Georgian President.

January 1, 16:58. Donetsk Euromaidan activists decided that they will not be listening to president Viktor Yanukovych’s address this year, but will instead address him themselves. Journalists from site recorded the activists’ address on video. In the address, Donetsk Euromaidan participants thanked the president for uniting “the whole country around a single idea – granted, against yourself, but everyone.” “In 2013, you revealed to us, to our people, your true face. We understood whom you hold the people for and how you encourage them for electing you,” – said the activists.

January 1, 16:58. A famous English-speaking pop musician Haddaway, made famous by his “What Is Love” super hit, will perform at Euromaidan in Kyiv tonight. The concert will start at 20:00.

January 1, 16:30. The Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists will launch a public library inside their party tent at Euromaidan. The opening is scheduled for 17:00. The library will be named after the party’s founder and president of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) Slava Stetsko. Here, visitors will have a chance to peruse books on historical subjects, in particular, the literature on the 20th century national liberation struggle of Ukrainians as part of Ukrainian Rebel Army and OUN. In addition, it will be possible to read the “Nation and State” newspaper at the library.

January 1, 09:30. Everyone’s off to sleep.

January 1, 03:30. New Year at Euromaidan: photo report.

January 1, 00:15. New Year’s Nativity play at Euromaidan: video.

January 1, 00:05. Watch the New Year’s video address of the people of Ukraine to President Yanukovych.


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